Dave Delaney on "New Business Networking"

Pic: Dave Delaney, author of " New Business Networking"

Pic: Dave Delaney, author of "New Business Networking"

I thought I knew a lot about networking until I read the book,  New Business Networking, by Dave Delaney. Seriously, my friends refer to me as the "queen of networking" in Nashville. Of course, I don't  claim to know everyone or everything, but I have met a few people along the way in creating and growing Social Media Club Nashville.

The networking advice book, "New Business Networking" has tons of stats mixed in with tips on using the latest social media and web tools. It is also peppered with stories of Dave's networking journey in Nashville. Similar to Dave, I made my way to Nashville via Jackson, TN and networked to meet friends who later ended up becoming co-workers. Small world! (Actually, Dave's wife is from Jackson- he's Canadian!)

I often refer to Nashville as a big small town where you are two degrees of separation from anyone you want to meet. I enjoy being a connector of people, organizing Social Media Club Nashville events, and bouncing ideas off of others as I guide my Marketing career. I'm pretty skilled at networking (if I do say so myself) but there's always more to learn!

Lessons learned from "New Business Networking"

1. Ask, "How can I help you?" - Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, it isn't that easy when you are approaching someone you don't know that you  actually want them to help you. It’s actually pretty difficult to refrain from making it "all about me" when we  talk. I'm just so passionate about my career and all the things I'm involved in- it usually enters the conversation, especially with industry contacts. I believe in networking karma, so helping others will eventually get me where I want to me. I just sometimes forget to ask them this question first.

2. Consolidate your contacts into a database, print it out, and review it. Look for people to connect and  re-connect with.  - My first reaction to this advice: Print it out? In the digital age? Dave are you nuts? After thinking it through a bit: Dave, this is freakin' genius! I plan to do this every 6 months as a network checkup.

3. Listen and follow-up accordingly. - In "New Business Networking," Dave gives several tips on remembering names, recording meeting notes, and following up. I almost always remember faces and business cards, but have a tendency to glaze over names. I'm going to practice repeating someone's name when I'm talking with them and see if I can remember their name the next time we meet. I’m also going to note something about them our conversation when I follow-up on LinkedIn. 

Offering to help and listening is a networking art I intend to practice with future meetings. Thanks to Dave Delaney, I feel more empowered and prepared than ever to conquer the world of networking one valuable connection at a time.

Lucky for me, I'm about to get a lot of practice. TONIGHT Dave Delaney and I are co-hosting a Nashville Networking event, Social Media Club Nashville + Nashcocktail Summer Social, in celebration of the book launch of "New Business Networking". If you are in Nashville, please join us. If you're online, follow #smcnash and #nbnbook. Happy Networking! 

Get the book, New Business Networking!

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