Dollar General Steps into the Digital Coupon Game

I've been following what I call the "retail wars" for a while…and what I mean by that is the technology battles retailers are playing: from e-commerce sites, to email, to digital coupons, to social media, to apps, to customer relationship management tools, to data tracking and personalization of offers…..All of our favorite stores are in a war for our attention, and ultimately our shopper dollars.

Nashville's own Dollar General is reaching the savvy shopper with digital coupons via the platform.

On July 31, 2014 Dollar General in partnership with completed the successful rollout of its new DG Digital Coupons program to its more than 11,300 stores across 40 states. To use the DG Digital Coupon Program, customers can sign up either online or in stores using their phone number. After signing up, customers can select coupons to be added to their profile and the discounts are then applied to a customer’s purchase at checkout. No printing, no clipping, all digital!


Here's what DG has to say via a press release on entitled, "Dollar General Completes Successful DG Digital Coupon Program Rollout": Todd Vasos, Dollar General’s Chief Operating Officer: “Understanding our shopper is utilizing digital and online technology to help save money, the completion of this project not only demonstrates our ability to deliver everyday value and affordable options to our customers, but also our commitment to help our customers save time and money, every day.”

This is the first I've seen from the dollar channel, and really from a retail standpoint to use all of their marketing channels (even printed weekly circulars!) to direct their shoppers to get digital coupons. There's DG online, social media, email, text alerts, the DG app, and I would not be surprised if they dropped a little direct mail and radio ads in certain markets to support their digital coupon roll-out. I am impressed with the branding approach Dollar General is taking to this launch into the digital retail frontier. I couldn't be prouder that they are right here in my home town.

Take a look at how Dollar General is using Digital Coupons and see how they are turning heads across all marketing channels:


What retail campaigns have caught your eye using digital platforms and new technology?