That Time I Hashtaged a Hot Dog in Nashville


I've gotta say, there’s nothing I love more than a good hotdog on a sunny day in Nashville. (I hear you chuckling! Let’s just get those dirty thoughts cleared away right away.) I recently frequented Nashville’s beloved Hot Diggity Dog, and was pleased by not only their amazing menu, but by their social media suaveness. I Instagram’d a hot dog sign pic proclaiming my love with a #hotdog emoji (Thank you, Apple iOS 9.3!)


Later, I discovered @HotDiggityNash reposted my pic, giving me some love in return. They also followed me and “liked” my post. Just that little bit of social affection from them makes me love them even more. So of course, I had to tell you all about it! ‘Cause that’s how social media strategy works ;)

Here’s what they are doing right:

  • Social Signage:  In addition to all of their hot dog themed signage, Hot Diggity Dog has signs displayed throughout their location (on the wall, table tents, everywhere!), listing all their social media profiles and encouraging follows.
  • Social Engagement:  They may be known for hot dogs, but they know fans are what make them popular. Hot Diggity Dog is quick to respond, repost, follow, and “like”…all the things that keep their fans lined up for more.
  • User Generated Content:  It’s not all about their own promotion on Hot Diggity Dog’s social channels. They repost their customers social posts full of yummy food pics and raving reviews.
  • Social Service:  They list their hours and days open on social posts so customers know what to expect when they get a craving for a Chicago Dog when it’s snowing out. (Yes, it snows in the South!)

My Hot Diggity Dog topping tip:  I’d add a social contest to the mix if I were them- maybe a “Tweet of the week” where the winner gets a free hotdog! #HotDogDreams

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