Spring Cleaning! How to Refresh Your Personal Brand

Spring is here and nothing puts a little pep in your step more than a makeover! It's time to dust off that profile pic and freshen up your social media profiles to refresh your personal brand. 

Think you don't have a brand? Are you on the internet? Have you ever created a profile on a social networking site? Guess what? You do, and it probably needs some polishing. I recently refreshed all my social networking profiles, so I will guide you through it with examples. It is a little time consuming, but the investment in YOU is well worth it.

Refresh Your Personal Brand


1. Assess your digital footprint.
What sites and social networks do you have a profile on? List them all. Remember to check your phone for apps you may have downloaded that are also social networks: GetGlue, Vine, Viddy, FourSquare, etc.

2. Say cheese!  
You're going to need some current pics. Dogs, cats, children, and even your significant other are cute but they don't belong in your profile pictures...especially on LinkedIn. Time to shine like a star with a photo shoot. Pick a location that will give you several interesting background angles. I chose Nashville's downtown buildings as my background. Take lots of photos so you have enough to vary them on all your profiles. I kept the same outfit on for consistency. Be sure to get several head shots, since most social profile pics are small and that's about all you can fit into the viewable area.


3. Decide on your description / bio.
How do you want to be known online? Stick to one version and put it on every profile. You'll want a short description (less than 150 characters) to fit Twitter,  Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can have longer descriptions on Google+ (with links!), Facebook, and LinkedIn.

4. Choose complementary colors and backgrounds. 
Keep a consistent theme across all social networks. I decided to go with black and white Nashville skyline pics for backgrounds on my profiles- again, more consistency and it ties into my personal brand, since most of my content is related to all things marketing, social media, and Nashville.


5. Cross promote and insert hyperlinks everywhere available.  
Link from one profile to another. I listed my blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn on my Google+ profile. I also linked my blog and social networks to a (free & fabulous!) about.me page that lists everything in one place: about.me/georgiacross

6. Fill in the blanks.
Since you are already making changes, poke around a bit and make sure you are taking advantage of all the profile options. Take the opportunity to completely edit your profile, adding all the professional activities and groups you are involved in. I added some volunteer activities, as well as listed my blog on my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to give it more exposure.

7. Show and tell time!
Promote your profile makeovers across the networks. It's a great way to further grow your connections from one network to another. Bonus points if you give your photographer some props!

[photos via Stephen Kohl kohlphoto.com]