Marketing Cast of Wizard of Oz Characters


This is my version of the classic Wizard of Oz casT,

with a marketing-style remix

The Cast:

Starring Dorothy, THE WIDE-EYED MARKETER - always up for an adventure and on an ever-changing journey. 

Toto, YOUR COMPANY- can't be left behind in your digital marketing journey. You must bring all of your colleagues with you, coaching, training, education along the way.

The Lion  as CONTENT- the heart of marketing. You must be brave, put yourself out there with original content. It isn't easy and you may fail a time or two. You will never succeed until you try.

The Scarecrow as INSPIRATION- while it may seem small or insignificant at first- a good idea can come from anywhere if you have the perception and wisdom to recognize it. It is always there if you look for it.

The Tin Man as SHINY NEW TECHNOLOGY- the fuel to complement your content and inspiration. They are the best of friends. Dorothy needs them all as she travels down the yellow brick road to reaching her marketing goals.

The tornado represents CONSUMER BEHAVIOR- sweeping you off your feet in a whirlwind of change. Sometimes you just need to go with it and hope you land on your feet and not under a house.

The wicked witch as YOUR COMPETITORS- always watching in this digital age, sending the flying monkeys of ADVERTISING CLUTTER to attempt to knock you down.

The good witch as MARKETING KNOWLEDGE- the glittering email newsletters, blogs, webinars, books, and conferences that always save your butt - because you are smart enough to listen and learn from others.

The wizard? Well, every "SOCIAL MEDIA OR SEO EXPERT" has to admit, they are not an expert at everything. It's always changing, and no one can know it all!

Let's not forget those sparkly red slippers as ANALYTICS- the tools you'll need to get you down the road. Without them, you would be barefoot and not have much "to stand on."

Now it's time to make it your own. Gather your cast and click your heels, 'cause we're not in *Kansas anymore! *Unless you are actually reading this this blog in Kansas.