It's Hip To Be Square- In 2018, I'm Moving My Blog from Blogger to Squarespace


In 2018, I am rebranding and re-launching my Marketing Blog on Squarespace. I'm saying goodbye to the blog name, format, and Blogger platform. 


Here's the scoop:

I've been blogging about social media marketing and my adventures in networking in Nashville since 2009. Over the years, I stuck with the Blogger platform because it is owned by Google and I believed that would help with my SEO juice and Google rankings. Side Note: I also used to be a believer in Google+ taking off. We all know how that turned out. 

Admittedly, I have fallen off of a regular blogging routine because it has been a hassle to populate content on Blogger. A simple post takes hours of editing to get the layout, spacing, and text to populate how it want it to appear - especially on the mobile version. This experience has deflected me from doing what I'm passionate about- sharing my knowledge and insights!

I'm taking action. Much like technology and the world of marketing, my experience has evolved, and I'm not putting all my eggs in Google's basket. I need a blog platform that reflects my lifestyle- ease of posting, with not a lot of coding to fool with. I want a magazine-style, mobile-first site that is easy to navigate and provides a pleasant user experience.

(Drum Roll, Please) 

January 2018, I am moving to the Squarespace platform with a Marketing Blog that focuses on broader "Marketing" stories and trends. The "Nashville" content will stay and evolve. In 2018, I'm adding a new section that brings in my personal inspirations, influencers, and beliefs -I'm calling this section of my blog "Karma." 

The largest catalyst for this change was "Karma" inspired. I invited a friend and former co-worker, Lisa Dunn of, to a Nashville Women in Digital event, where we struck up the conversation about my intention to rebrand my blog. She and a few others highly recommended Squarespace. I did my research with a free 2-week trial and was impressed!

Getting familiar with an entirely new blogging platform was not easy. I was two hours in, and ready to throw up my hands and go back to Blogger- when Lisa stepped in to guide me through and simplify my Squarespace blog.

As it turns out, Lisa is a talented Graphic Design Coach, who just happens to be a certified Squarespace Trainer! She helped me get started and learn to navigate the setup of my new blog website. I definitely recommend reaching out to her if you are thinking of using Squarespace, and need some help.

I still have a lot of packing, unpacking, sorting and decorating to do throughout December, but I hope to be ready to open my doors to visitors on my new blog website in January. Thank you to all of my followers on Blogger- and I hope to see you next year after my move.