Nashville's Thinkers and Doers: 2 Degrees of Separation

Nashville, TN is a big small town, which according to The New York Times article, "Nashville's Latest Big Hit Could Be the City Itself", is the new "darling" of the nation. Yep, they like us, they really like us!

For me, Nashville is the land of opportunity. A place to connect with like-minded folks, share ideas, and make S**T happen. Just this week, I was sitting in a Social Media Nashville planning meeting - doing the above mentioned, when a Tweet came across from @AAFNashville - mentioning me! (see below)

@crossga Tweet.jpg

Flattered and curious, I tweeted to Dave to send me a link to the podcast. In his interview, Dave Delaney talks about how he started a monthly morning meet-up, Geek Breakfast. This led to my meeting Jessica Murray, and co-founding Social Media Club Nashville. Dave goes on to tell how a conversation he and I had at another networking event led to him starting Nashcocktail, a monthly mixer for Nashville's tech / marketing community. 

Listen to the full interview here:

This kinda thing happens all the time in Nashville! It's a city full of thinkers and doers. You are only two degrees of separation from your next big idea. Don't just sit there, take action! Come on out to a networking event and let's make s**t happen.

Connect with these groups to find your passion in Nashville's business community:

If you've had networking success in Nashville, I'd love to hear all about it. Please drop a line in the comments section below.