The New A,B,C’s of Marketing


Imagine you are in pre-school in 2010. What would you relate the A,B,C’s to? They certainly have changed since I was a kid.
Here’s my idea of the new A,B,C’s of Marketing:

  • A is for Apple (as in the computer most graphic artists, website developers, and techie people use)
  • B is for Blog (where anyone can share their thoughts about anything with anyone anywhere)
  • C is for Content (what every information sharing thing needs to survive)
  • D is for Digg (where fascinating, funny, informative, etc. articles, videos, pics, etc. are shared)
  • E is for ebay (where you can sell/bid on/buy anything form anyone, anywhere)
  • F is for Facebook (our own personalized, digital scrapbook that can be shared with your own personally selected group of friends)
  • G is for Google (the search engine and internet tools mecca)
  • H is for Hulu (where you can watch TV shows, interviews, movie clips online)
  • I is for Internet (AKA the world wide web)
  • J is for Java (a computer programming language used in making websites)
  • K is for Keyword (as in search terms that search engines use to index and find web pages)
  • L is for LinkedIn (the primarily business form of social networking and displaying your career accomplishments for the world to find and view)
  • M is for Meta Tag (used in HTML web design to describe what’s on web pages, so that search engines can find them)
  • N is for Newsgroups (discussion forums, where you can comment and post your opinions of news and articles)
  • O is for opt-in/ opt-out (choosing electronically to sign up for or cancel an email subscription)
  • P is for Podcasting (where anyone can create an audio file about anything and distribute it to anyone)
  • Q is for QuickTime (a multimedia digital media player)
  • R is for RSS Feed (which lets you subscribe and read content that you choose)
  • S is for Social Networking (communicating via social networks)
  • T is for Twitter (the micro blogging source of everything in 140 characters or less) 
  • U is for Upload (copying a file from your computer to the web)
  • V is for Vlog (the video version of a blog)
  • W is for Widget (an HTML code that is portable and operational across blogs, websites, etc.)
  •  X is for XHTML (used by website developers in creating fancy-schmancy websites)
  • Y is for You-Tube (where you can watch and upload videos and share them with the world)
  • Z is for Zip (No, not as in zipping your pants- as in compressing digital files so that they may be transferred faster)

So, what do all of these have in common? 
User generated content and the tools to manage it. We are having it our way (like Burger King). Do you want fries with that?