Small World Yoga Opens Nashville's First Non-Profit Yoga Studio

Nashville, TN | Saturday, April 7, 2018 | 9 AM:  Nashville's yoga-loving community just got bigger, and new possibilities floated through the room as we practiced the first yoga class in Small World Yoga's (SWY) new community studio at 1701 17th Ave South- just off of Nashville's Music Row, in a building provided to SWY by The Boedecker Foundation.

Pictured: LIZ VEYHL, SWY Founder and NATALIE AULVIN, SWY Relationship Manager

 What's the significance of Small World Yoga opening a studio, you may ask? 
Small World Yoga is a Nashville non-profit organization that brings affordable yoga to under-served community populations- People that really need it for therapy, personal growth, connectedness, and so many more benefits yoga practice offers. 

Small World Yoga has over 100 teachers and many more volunteers, all working together to bring peace, harmony, and kindness to Nashville through community yoga classes at schools, prisons, shelters, and more. Check out the full list of where Small World Yoga serves

My friends, family, and social media followers may have noticed my yoga fascination over the past six months. Since discovering Small World Yoga offers FREE and donation-based community classes all over Nashville, I have been hooked! I've taken yoga classes at Global Education Center, The Southern Squeeze, the Library, and a handful of other spots that Small World Yoga offers.

I've met so many wonderful people and I am loving the improvements I am seeing in my personal yoga practice. It has helped with stress, anxiety, confidence, and added a sense of calmness to my life. Not only am I a yoga student, I am inspired by Small World Yoga to someday become a yoga teacher so that I may give back to others in a positive, healing way. 

Small World Yoga's new studio offers $5 Yoga Classes for All!
All SWY proceeds go back into funding their non-profit yoga programs. What better way to find some work/life balance, treat yourself to some personal care, and help others at the same time?! You don't have to be a body pretzel-twisting expert to practice yoga- I'm not. All you have to do is try. That's what I love so much about it. It's all about doing your personal best, and it's okay if you fall (out of a pose).

I encourage you to find a little balance in your life (pun intended!) by trying a Small World Yoga class in Nashville. Whether you are a Nashville local, or just traveling through, Small World Yoga offers a class for you! Click the buttons below to find a class schedule either at the SWY studio on 17th Ave, or at various  community class locations around Nashville. 

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