A True Twitter Networking Connection Story


Here’s a true story to demonstrate how Twitter works as a networking tool. I posted a link to my company's blog on Twitter, using a hashtag (means search-able keyword on Twitter) with the initials of an industry association conference that one of our corporate leaders is attending.   A Hashtag looks like this: #ABC.

I did a search on Twitter for #ABC to see who was tweeting from the conference and noticed that one of my social media Twitter friends from Nashville was Tweeting using that hashtag, too.

She and I got into a Twitter conversation, and as it turns out-she is at the conference and works for a supplier to my company's industry.

She Tweeted to everyone at the conference (using the hashtag #ABC), mentioning my company and how we’re doing a good job using social media! This is great recognition and awareness for our brand AT the conference---and I'm not even there!

She and I plan to connect when she gets back to Nashville. I realize I may be speaking “geek”, but trust me…this is really cool to make these kinds of connections online and take them offline via networking! Gotta love Twitter!