Connect Four! My Unofficial Explanation of @Foursquare


A Facebook friend asked me what Foursquare is and my reply was so long and detailed that I thought it would make for a good blog post. it unofficial explanation: 

Foursquare is a location-based social media platform that connects your friends with your busy life. You can "check in" on the mobile version of foursquare anywhere you go. Foursquare has the capability of updating your Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Just sign up, add friends, and tell it where you are.

Foursquare is also a game: It works off of a point system. As you "check in" to more and more places, Foursquare will unlock "badges"- kinda like game tokens for using the service. If you are competitive at all- you may enjoy FourSquare's Mayorships- Whoever has "checked in" at a particular location the most times is the "mayor" of that place.

A lot of people compete to try to be the mayors- which creates opportunities for restaurants and businesses to form customer loyalty programs around Foursquare- see Tasti D Lite's social promotions as an example.

Foursquare is also great for finding where your friends are and creating gatherings. Here's a great example: Friday night, I attended a friend's birthday party at a venue in Nashville. Myself and several friends "checked in" on Foursquare when we got there.

Another friend was having dinner down the street at a restaurant. He didn't even know about the birthday gathering, until he saw on Foursquare that several friends were just down the street. Curiosity got the best of him, so he stopped by to see what was going on. We got another party guest- and all because of Foursquare!  
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