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As promised in my blog’s welcome video, I am sharing what inspires me, in hopes that you may get a tidbit of inspiration that you can pass on to someone else. One of my favorite people I’ve not yet met IRL (in real life) is Sara Blakely - a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, business leader, and the Founder and CEO of SPANX. She leads by intuition, stays grounded in her beliefs, and shares her world with me and thousands of others on Instagram - (176K and growing, to be exact)!

Yes, she may be a CEO and one of the most successful business woman in the world, but she is also just another funny, fun, and lovable Instagram friend- sharing her ups and downs. She is literally the face (and butt, in the case of SPANX) of her brand and company. Would you believe they don’t spend money on advertising?! Her secret sauce is a product that works, an incredible personality, and a ton of drive and ambition. 

What strikes me as unique about Sara is that she is so transparent about facing her fears, recognizing that you don’t have to be perfect- that you can just say yes and figure it out as you go. What?! For a mostly Type A like me, that’s a challenge in itself to adjust to that mindset. Then again, the Dreamer in me LOVES Sara’s approach at life and business. If you believe, work hard, and get creative in your efforts, you can not only achieve success, but you can inspire others!

I have watched several Sara Blakely interviews from leading financial and business publications. She never fails to inspire me just a little bit by sharing her story. In fact, when I’m feeling “stuck”- I always feel better listening to her creative ways of facing challenges. I encourage you to take a closer look at how Sara is not only helping people smooth their figures in SPANX, but is also sets an example of how to keep your life running smoothly, despite the bumps and muffin tops of reality.

Cheers to Sara Blakely for keeping it real! Craving a little #INSPIRATION from Sara?

Here’s a little bite [90 second video]. Spanx CEO, Sara Blakely, offers advice to redefine failure. Sara shares her thoughts on failure and success and how her father helped shape her ideals, and how she developed her entrepreneurial mindset by listening to Wayne Dyer’s motivational tapes at the age of sixteen. 

Here’s a bug chunk [45 minute video]. Sara Blakely, Founder and CEO, Spanx, speaks to Stanford Graduate School of Business about her journey from inventing Spanx to becoming the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire. She talks about having the right mindset for starting a company, running a business with feminine principles, and how to successfully grow your company. 

Thoughts? Leave a comment below if you found a little inspiration from Sara Blakely!